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Wherever I go, soundless loneliness
keep reverberating over and over.

Lyrics by Hiroyuki Sawano
Composed by Hiroyuki Sawano
Released on September 9, 2015


Rhythm by Aimer

The Red Glow (茜さす) - 2 Viewing
Find the latest news about Aimer. This is a library of information on her activities, new releases, interviews, new collaborations, new concerts, and other kinds of special messages to her fans.
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The Polaris Star (ポラリス)
Discuss Aimer's singles, albums, collaborations, live performances, and other types of releases in depth! Review your favorite tracks, the lyrics, and everything else about her songs.
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A Butterfly Bow (蝶々結び)
A space for general discussion about Aimer; share your stories of finding her, loving her music, wishes for future projects, collections, and everything else!
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From Us, For Us

A Smile Everyday (笑顔)
Go here to vote and talk about the weekly song featured at the index page. Let's show the world the best of Aimer's works, one song at a time. Maybe you'll find a new favorite too. One Aimer song every day to keep the doctors away!
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Waiting for You (君を待つ)
Introduce yourself and meet new fans from the other sides of the earth! Would you like to get to know each other and make new friends? We wish you a lovely stay with us!
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Sea of Us (誰か、海を)
Are you 24 hours bored? Find your comfort here. Write about anything you want; talk about the (un)important details of life. It's a certified free and safe zone!
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Fan Clubs
The Daydream (白昼夢)
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